All About Eve


The Garden of Eden by Laura Wasilowski (Yes, I’m old enough to remember what it looked like.)

For the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup WA, I’ve developed a new lecture called The Garden of Eden. It’s all about Eve, the first quilt maker. The story begins with her first quilt created from a fig leaf. And ends with the tragic tale of her being cast out of a quilt store for touching fabric printed with apples. The premier of the lecture is today. I shall be looking for a few puns. If you have any available, please leave them in the comments section of this post.

Why I’m Outta Here!


cartsThis is why I’m leaving town. That and the opportunity to visit with people attending the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup WA. You can find me in booth #915 (Bear Thread Designs) when I’m not flitting around. Frieda and I will be giving our signature “Two Hot Fuser Chicks” lecture on Saturday. If you attend you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder why. Hope to see you there!

A Rare Find


Pressing Matters by Laura Wasilowski

There is a rarity in the quilt world you need to know about. Her name is Sherida and she writes for the Daily Sentinel¬† Newspaper in Grand Junction CO. Some may think that writing about quilting is as dull as oatmeal on a winter’s day. But her insightful articles are refreshing and well researched. It is not often that you find someone with an engaging way of chronicling a soft-spoken hobby like quilt making. We need accomplished writers like Sherida to record and document our quilt world.¬† We are lucky to have her.

You can read her recent article about the demise of the Monopoly iron token here.

Leaving the Garden of Eden

gardenclass1Sadly, my classes at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival have come to an end. But there is good news. I will return next year to teach. The state of Virginia will allow me back inside it’s border February 27 – March 2, 2014.

gardenclass2This year I taught 3 classes including the Garden of Eden. Here you see the first step in the garden construction, floral design. What I like about teaching this class is that everyone makes something different and unexpected. After all, I must be entertained too!

See You at Alegre

It’s a grand place for a quilt retreat.

The Alegre Retreat in Gateway, CO not only has beautiful mountain scenery but a set of inspiring quilt classes too. Imagine making art work with this view out your window! Sure makes my basement studio look like a…….basement.

The location of the Alegre Retreat.

My class, Couching Thread, Hidden Needle, embraces all the latest fused art quilt techniques and tips. And after whipping up great designs, student will add hand stitchery as they relax in a beautiful setting. Guess that’s why it’s called a retreat. Come join me!

Longing for Summer


Patio by Laura Wasilowski

It’s true. I am so over winter. The idea of a cool drink on a hot patio is so appealing right now. That must be why I’ve finally finished all the hand stitchery on this patio quilt. Although the quilt top was completed last summer, it took me until the dark days of winter to add the embroidery. I hate to be a whiner but will this winter never end!