Discovering the Garden of Eden in CA

Garden of Eden quilt in process.

A recent teaching trip to Temecula CA found me in the good care of the Valley of the Mist Quilt Guild. This delightful group of quilt makers live in wine country! With or without wine, my students created wonderful work in one of my favorite classes, the Garden of Eden.

Marlene, Adam, and Eve.

Here you see Marlene with her Garden of Eden quilt top complete with Adam and Eve. Is it just me, or does Adam look a little like a gingerbread man? Does that make him naughty or nice?

Colorful Leaves in CA

It’s amazing what people will make when you hand them colorful fabric, fusible web, and a hot iron. Here’s a good example from the members of my Colorful Leaves class at the El Camino Quilt Guild in Oceanside CA. Each and everyone is an original design. Aren’t they lovely!

Frieda Has a Secret

Frieda’s reveals all on her blog this week.

You may want to pop over to my friend, Frieda’s, blog this week. She has a special going on that is supposed to be a secret. (Although why she put it on a public blog remains a mystery to me.) Don’t tell her I sent you. Pretend to be surprised. Then ask her for me why she put a secret out on her blog.

The Great Reveal

Functional but pretty!

Inside my new sewing kit you’ll see a felt lining stitched to the cotton cover with a Blanket or Buttonhole Stitch. With felt as the liner, I can stick my needles inside the cover to protect unsuspecting family members. A pocket for a small pair of scissors holds them securely. In the center fold you’ll see the thimble slipped over another piece of felt and buttoned into place. I could not resist adding a few decorative felt elements too. I love my new sewing kit!

Like an Old Shoe

My old sewing kit looking rather drab.

My old sewing kit is pretty plain. Like a pair of old shoes, it is comfortable to use but you don’t want to be seen in public with it.

But my new one is so pretty! It was made during a marathon of movie watching. (I must admit that making the sewing kit was more engrossing and provided more entertainment than some of the movies.) Tomorrow I’ll show you inside the cover. I can hardly wait!

Your Source for Beauty

Can you guess what this is? It is made of straw and houses one of your favorite fibers. This is an old silk cocoon bed for silkworms that was on display at the Silk Experience exhibit at the IQF show in Houston.

Just think. These little silk cocoons will soon become beautiful silk fabric and thread. Isn’t mother nature amazing!